JCI International Accreditation

Loewenstein Hospital Rehabilitation Center has passed the international hospitals accreditation test with distinction

Loewenstein Hospital, renowned as a leader in rehabilitation medicine thanks to the unique focus of each of its departments on a particular area of expertise, has passed the JCI international accreditation inspection summa cum laude with a score of 99.2.

JCI acreditation

JCI acreditation

Accreditation is an external review process aimed at evaluating the quality and safety of the care provided at the hospital, which culminates in public recognition that the hospital complies with international quality standards. Preparations for the test, led by a steering committee and the nursing administration, were lengthy and involved the entire hospital staff, from the administration, department heads, and specialists in different fields of rehabilitation medicine, down to every last employee.

JCI acreditation

The fields in which the hospital was tested included:

  • management, leadership and strategy;
  • patient safety targets;
  • measuring the quality of rehabilitation and other medical care;
  • medication management;
  • prevention and control of infection;
  • staff education and qualifications;
  • management and safety of the hospital facilities;
  • and patient and family guidance.

The report giving notice of receipt of accreditation states, among other things, that the heart of rehabilitation at Loewenstein is based on multidisciplinary teamwork that focuses on providing the patient with excellent and safe care. The patient safety targets, like most of the spheres tested at the hospital, were found to be impeccable. The report further notes that the way in which all staff members mobilize to help the patient is clear, and is characterized by the compassion and empathy that all the employees demonstrate towards the patients and their families. The inspectors commended the relationship with the patients’ families as active partners in the rehabilitation process.

JCI acreditation

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